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Gift Ideas for Ant Lovers

While some people may find ants annoying and creepy, there are many people who love the little creatures. They enjoy watching them, holding them, and taking care of them. If you know anyone like that, you might want to get them an ant-themed gift, such as one of these…

Ant Pouch

A place to put their pencils or pens, whether they’re at school or even simply enjoy composing or creating artwork, will come within handy and become fashionable at the exact same time.

Ant Pouch

“I ish got time with regard to that” Coffee Cup

Your ant caring friend “ant” obtained time for the, therefore get the term out with this particular coffee mug in order to drink her espresso from.

“Ant Doctor. ” Street Indication

This sign can certainly be used 2 separate ways, possibly standing for Ish Drive, or Ish Doctor. In either case, in case your friend enjoys ants, they will certainly love this particular street indication to place up upon the wall within their house or even use for outside decoration.

Pillowcase with regard to Insect Lover

This particular insect pillowcase will be thankfully not protected in insects more than every inch, just on the finishes. For the person that loves not just ants, but other bugs as well, provide them with this pillowcase to hold their pillow for any good night’s sleep.

Pillowcase for Insect Lover

Ant Food Recommendations

Help your ish loving friend possess a rocking party using these ant food recommendations for serving meals or allowing their own guests to get their very own choice associated with food.

Ant Traversing Sign

Did your buddy know where exactly almost all the ants have been in their yard? To assist protect the small buggers, give all of them this sign in order to put up within the places the ants frequent.

Ant Crossing Sign

Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Sport

What’s better compared to using a game regarding something you really like and are interested in? Your ant caring friend will take pleasure in playing this game with other ant lovers!

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

For the kiddo that loves ants to no end, give them the proper gear to go backyard ant hunting with a backyard safari cargo vest. It will make carrying all their tools and supplies a whole lot easier.

Live Blue Gel Ant Habitat

I, for one, hadn’t heard of blue gel ant habitats, but it sure does look like a cool place to live and fun to look at!

Ant Ornament

If it’s getting close to Christmas, your ant loving friend will enjoy putting this ant Christmas ornament on their tree to show off their love for the little insect.

Silver Metal Ant Figurine with Metal Clip Antennae

Give the ant lover in your life this silver metal ant figurine where they can display pictures, cards, or business cards on the clips on the antennae. It will make such a nice addition to their decorations!

Silver Metal Ant Figurine with Metal Clip AntennaeCopper Ant Cookie Cutter

They need the tools to make ant cookies! Think of all the fun they’ll have to decorate and serve these delectable cookies.

“Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants” Coffee Mug

While they love ants, they may still not want them in their house or on their picnic blanket at the park. Give them the gift of this snarky response on their coffee mug!

Cartoon Ant Apron

This adorably adorable cartoon ant kitchen apron will be handy whenever they’re cooking some thing that splatters or even is messy, whilst dressed in design!

The Ant Anstoß Movie

The Ish Bully movie is really a fun movie to view for kids plus adults alike because the main personality becomes friends along with many ants.

“I just care regarding ants and probably 3 people” Drinking water Bottle

For the ish lover who does not care much with regard to other people, this particular “I just worry about ants, and probably 3 people” drinking water bottle is the particular perfect fit to them.

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